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Coming back to Tripod to update the link below, I found out that Tripod has restored the functionality that I complained about in the following paragraph. It's good to see things improve, however as my web page is now on a different site (than what use to be listed here), I will not be redisplaying it on Tripod. I am using this as a date log for certain elements on my site. To go to my site just wait a little bit, or click on the link below.


...This page is being moved off of Tripod, due to the fact that I've been a member since 1999 and their service has continually been degraded for their free members to the point where it's not worth the trouble...I'm not a business trying to make money, I'm just someone who's out there trying to spread some quality information (contrary to where it seems like the web is going now these days) I'm placing my site where I don't have to pay someone money (in ever increasing amounts, and something which I don't have that much of) for a service that they were willing to offer for free not too long ago. Don't get me wrong...I'm not complaining about having ads on my site, nor the reduction in storage space (20Mbytes is adequate for a personal web page), I'm complaining about the inability for free members to use the simplest of HTML markup to allow them to display their site in the manner that they deem best (Tripod use to offer this ability in the not so distant past). So, if you want to see my site in the manner in which I designed it, wait a little while, or follow the link below. Please be forgiving, I designed it to be viewed by the simplest of web browsers (but not just text based ones) make it more interesting and enjoyable, I did add some multimedia (sound) to it. Look for future additions. Enjoy...

This will take you to Tavenner's Page, if it does not then follow:

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